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If you are looking for a vivid video store instead of the existing static image...

AR shopping mall based on realistic video with AR animation and marker


☑ AR animation of goods that were not in the world
To meet and buy in real life
Pre-Order Shopping.

☑ AR animation
Free production cost per case
OK in 3 days.


Offering smarter product presentation for your consumers...

New channel solution
pipelining offline and online Shopping


☑ Dramatic product presentation at the click of an SMS/SNS link
☑No registration process&download
☑ Intuitive experiences with your product interior & exterior fittings simulation in 3D
☑ Face-to-face video consultation
☑ Best suited for premium high-involvement products

WEB 360 AR

If you’re looking for super-realistic interactive contents that makes your space attractive…

Super-realistic Web 360 AR
withreal-time interactive
using markers


☑ 360° hands-on images as opposed to simple descriptions
through inserted markers
☑ On-the-spot AR commerce enabled through inserted markers
☑Web-based platform, accessible for anyone, at anytime.


want customer to be in your AR contents…?

AR Computer Vision, registered in Government procurement Service, VentureNARA (identification N.23685966)


☑ Empowering customers to experience real-life field without having to visit offline channels
field experience without having to go there.
☑ motion gesture recognition technology
☑ Provides AR photo&video functions with applicable to exhibitions, vocational educations, etc.

Patent Portfolio

Korea’s No.1 and Global No.2 patent holder in AR/VR and 3D Business Models with 21 Patents to date.

(Source: Patent Technology Trend Report, Dec. 2017, ‘Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Management’)

Our Core Values

AR technology should not be just be something new,
but an innovative link that connects producers and consumers in the market.
AR technology should contribute to growing and expanding our client’s business.

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Popsline, patented way to implement 3D·AR contents..”targeted E-commerce”

September 25th, 2019|

팝스라인, 3D·AR 콘텐츠 구현법 특허.."이커머스 공략" AR(증강현실) 커머스 업체 팝스라인(대표 김영덕)이 3D 애니메이션으로 상품 내부를 탐색할 수 있는 원천기술로 특허를 획득했다고 14일 밝혔다. 이번에 특허를 등록한 기술은 '3D 객체와 마커를 이용한 MR(혼합현실) 콘텐츠 제공

Succeeded Wadiz 1st Crowdfunding, 2st funding proceeding..

September 25th, 2019|

국내 최대의 크라우드펀딩 기업인 와디즈를 통해 팝스라인이 1차 펀딩에 성공 했습니다. 당초 1차 펀딩 시 이틀 만에 목표액의 60%를 달성후 마감일보다 10일만에 일찌감치 125%를 달성해 펀딩기간을 연장, 2차펀딩에 들어 갔습니다. 목표 금액을 당초 목표금액보다 증액한

Popsline, Succeeded 60% of the target figure just in two days after exchange opening!

September 25th, 2019|

팝스라인, 상장오픈 이틀만에 크라우드펀딩 목표액 60% 달성! 국내 온라인 1위 쿠*, 오프라인 1위  이마* .. 이들 회사의 공통점은 적자이지만 속사정이 다르다는 이야기를 하겠습니다. 쿠*은 조단위 적자이지만 소뱅의 비전펀드라는 든든한 후원자가 있죠. 반면 오프라인 1위


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